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JKL.mont s.r.o.

The company was established under the name JKL.mont s.r.o. and incorporated on 1st February 1996. The company has two owners - Karel Kindermannn and Luboš Lacman.

List of bussiness:
> global smithery work
> middleman services
> designing, consulting and engineering acitvities in machinery manufacturing

The main activity of the company is work with steel, stainless - inox, non-ferous metal materials - milling, welding, smithering, drilling, folding.


List of activities :
> Meta smithery work – steel windows, doors, shop-windows, gates, grates, banisters, staircases (winding staircase), fence components etc.
> producing and mounting steel structures also with surface treatment - zinc dipping
> mounting trapezial plates on jaketed buildings and steel bars, also we use method by shotfired fixing into steel structures, jacketing with sandwich panels
> producing and mounting doors, dates, windows and facede parts with fire protecting resistance ( EI, EW ) from special steel sections produced by switzerland company Jansen ( Janisol – interupted thermal bridge and Economy ), facade structures Jansen VISS
> interier and exterier complements from stainless and non-ferous materials
> mounting plycarbonate plates to walls, barsl, doors and windows

The company has 11 employers - smithery and weld work. The company's workroom is in Ústí nad Labem.

JKL.mont s.r.o. - Ústí nad Labem | Kontakt-Tel: +420 472 741 346/ +420 602 472 137/ +420 602 487 836